Packaging and Filling boxes
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Packaging and Filling boxes

Being cooperative

We provide our customers with an exclusive filling service: we pack your products at their best, ready to be delivered to the sale point and to capture the buyer’s attention.

This service includes various steps, all subject to careful quality controls:

  • filling the boxes by a specialised teamwork: your product is carefully placed in the chosen packaging in order to offer the buyer the best visual impact possible;
  • realising customised adhesive labels for optimising awareness of the packaging;
  • wrapping boxes in cellophane, for greater protection during transport and to ensure protection of the contents;
  • sealing the boxes in a shrink tunnel, in order that your product reaches the buyer in optimal conditions;
  • package fastening carried out by automatic machines, guaranteeing a flawless result;
  • packaging pallets with corners, tops, caps and shrink-wrap so the boxes arrive in perfect condition in the hands of the end user;