Lopressor From India

Lopressor From India

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In many cases factories have been banned from exporting their products to U. The first time I ever took a tablet of generic metoprolol Alesse Canada Generic paying more attention Lopressor From India to what my new doctor is prescribing! We have heard from many readers of this column that some versions of the generic form of the heart medicine Toprol-XL metoprolol do not work as well as expected.

I have been taking generics for years, but this latest batch seems bad! Today it was even higher and my heart rate was faster. Blood pressure that would normally be controlled but goes up on a generic beta blocker is a potential warning sign of trouble. A faster heart rate is also a tip-off that a generic metoprolol is not what it should be. Beta blockers like atenolol, metoprolol and propranolol almost always slow the pulse.

If heart rate goes up, there is a good chance that there is a problem with the medication. Stories from Readers about Generic Metoprolol: We have heard from many other visitors to this web site about problems with generic metoprolol formulations: Corey in Florida shares this story: I called my pediatric cardiologist to find out what prescription i was taking as a teen because that medication worked well, Lopressor From India.

The generic metoprolol was not a good fit!

There is certainly a difference between the two. Within 3 days I could not take a deep breath. I got brand name Toprol-XL and in days was feeling better. This is poison at best.

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We, Lopressor From India, the paying people, are getting a bad deal! Over the past several months I have Lopressor From India nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and my hair has been falling out. I also Lopressor From India been in remission for cancer and went to see my oncologist and am still in remission. Since the only med I take is for blood pressure he said it had to be the metoprolol. I will be switching back as soon as I can get ahold of my primary care physician. To read more comments about generic metoprolol, go to these links: In the last few years, the FDA has scolded dozens of the largest generic manufacturers in India for data manipulation or faulty quality control during manufacturing.

Lopressor From India

In just the last few weeks there have been additional reports of problems: As a result we cannot tell you which generic metoprolol products to avoid.


Lopressor From India