“All instruments are easy to play.
Everything is in pressing the right button
at the right time and the instrument plays itself”
Johann Sebastian Bach
audio-visual boxes

Audio-visual boxes

The last musical bars mark the fast fading of the images.

Audio-visual boxes

There are images and sounds which can give you pure emotions. Knowing how to keep these emotions safe is our mission

Audio-visual boxes

Innovative ideas for timeless products

We constantly work to develop new structures, looking for unique solutions and original finishes which can meet the changing needs of the market.

When the cover image makes the difference

“The Dark side of the moon” and “Abbey Road” are famous for their covers. Our task is to make each movie or music album unforgettable and unmistakable.

Audio-visual boxes
Audio-visual boxes

For products that are decidedly out of the ordinary

From creativity to artwork, we transform ideas into reality, developing them in an ongoing partnership with you, our customers.