“Life is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you’re gonna get.”
Forrest Gump
covered chocolate boxes

Chocolate boxes

Sweets are tasted first with eyes:
the first ingredient is the packaging

scatole rivestite per cioccolatini

Receiving a box of chocolates turns a grey day into a moment of absolute pleasure, which starts when the package is opened.

scatole rivestite per cioccolatini

Sweetness lasts longer than a moment

All our chocolate boxes enhance the superb qualities of the product, through the elegant graphics and the preciousness of the paper or cardboard used, thereby prolonging the feeling of well-being.

Attention to detail makes the whole more special

We want the perfection of the box to reflect its contents. A chocolate is much more than just a sweet and we want to offer an extraordinary sensory experience.

scatole rivestite per cioccolatini
scatole rivestite per cioccolatini

Always beyond all standards

Perfect corners for perfect boxes.
We guarantee a total gluing of the overlapping bands of plastic coated boxes