“One cannot put the same shoe on both feet”
Publilio Siro
covered shoe boxes

Shoe boxes

During more than 40 years of activity we have protected 450,000,000 shoes:
yours are included

covered shoe boxes

We were among the first shoe box manufacturers in the ’60s, helping to make Made in Italy footwear important and recognisable

covered shoe boxes

A box for every shoe

Whether it’s baby shoes or long women’s boots, we have over 60 box sizes which will ensure maximum comfort for your products

The best paper for the best shoes

We choose the best paper and cardboard the same way you choose the finest leather for your shoes. We work with leading domestic and international manufacturers of special paper in order to give a touch of class to our boxes

covered shoe boxes
covered shoe boxes

Towards perfection

The corners of our boxes are perfect. We guarantee a total gluing of the overlapping bands of plastic coated boxes.