new rigid covered boxes in Marber

We have created Baybox, an elegantly shaped box with a minimalist touch and innovative structure. Because a box is not just made of paper, cardboard and glue.

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Magic fastening

A delicate magnetic mechanism will keep your product protected. Industrially hiding the locking mechanism which is not visible or perceivable from the outside, has made this product unique.


Baybox not only stands out because of its clean lines which give it a particular elegance. Baybox is an environmentally friendly box: the use of certified materials confirms our compliance with the principles and environmental and social standards applied throughout the world and we want our products to be the best for the world.
news in marber
news in marber

What to put inside is entirely up to you

The internal structure of Baybox can be customised to contain products and accessories for make-up, jewellery, watches, perfumes, CDs… and any other product which you wish to add additional value to.