Rigid and covered boxes

A box covered like a simple packaging, a container and means of stocking, nowadays is one of the most important communication tools, capable of stirring emotions among potential customers and of influencing purchases.
The creative aspect has therefore become increasingly prevalent: the interplay of shapes and colours applied to original solutions characterise the product, making it unique, unmistakable and instantly recognisable.
The choice of paper and cardboard, the elegant finishes, the foil stamping, embossing, the glossy and matte plastic coatings, UV treatments… these factors all combine to make packaging functional to the products they contain.

Four different structures with four different functions, with a fully customisable choice of materials, finishes and graphics.

Cross box

covered cross box

The cross box consists of two elements, bottom and lid, where the lid can completely cover the box..

T box

covered T housing box

The T box is classic container for books, dictionaries, CDs and Blue-rays. Structured without a lid it allows contents to be on view.


covered monocuvette box

The monocuvette (single piece box) is a practical solution that allows you to have the cover as part of the box.

The Creative

scatola più elementi

The result of research and development by our MarberLabs, the creative are innovative coated boxes designed for specific market segments, sometimes made exclusively.

Marber is also a paper and cardboard processing industry

paper and cardboard processing industry

We manufacture products such as stationery cases, open or folded boxes, printed in offset or flexo, perfect products in combination with coated boxes, to offer a flawless package for each product..

We are the ideal partner for creating and implementing any kind of box.