Boxes that tell
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Marber box factory:
Manufacturing covered boxes

Marber is an Italian company specialised in the manufacturing and processing of hard boxes and lined boxes. For over 50 years we have been manufacturing high quality boxes (luxury packaging) with the aim of enhancing any type of product.
Our cardboard boxes are tailor-made and customised to meet the customer's specific requirements.
Though our premises are in Brescia, our customers are scattered all over the world. 

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Looking for packaging that will enhance your products?

To us, they are much more than just "boxes".
From simple packaging and container, the paper-wrapped boxes have now become one of the most important marketing communication tools. They should create excitement in the potential customer directing the willingness to purchase (in the retail industry) or remotely transmittingthe company's identity (as in online purchases).
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Marber Box Factory - Brescia - Italy


We are a box-factory located in the province of Brescia. We have everything you need to make boxes with the utmost attention to detail: manufacturing, technical department, sales department, logistics... From design to delivery.
All under one manufacturing roof.

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Manufacturing cardboard boxes


Besides manufacturing cross boxes, cases and single-piece boxes, we - at Maber - also offer “creative” solutions for cardboard packaging. This is why we are a reference point for companies operating in widely varying industries: board games, food & drink (such as wines and chocolates), jewellery, footwear, cosmetics, leather goods, publishing...

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Designing boxes


Making a quality box, starts from thinking about it anddesigning it. Carefully choose the cardboard and paper for the lining (like in a boutique), create a sample, maybe request a pre-manufacture of a small number... And then there follows manufacturing, filling, checks, quality control, storage...

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Why Marber?


High quality carboard boxes


We specialise in manufacturing quality boxes. More precisely: We manufacture covered boxes (such as iPhone boxes). We - at Marber - offer much more than a simple packaging for your product. Why? Because our boxes are used as packaging for high-end products. These boxes are designed to convey a sense of quality at first sight.

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Customisation of cardboard boxes


Each product is designed to meet specific customer needs. But it is not just about changing the size: shiny or opaque or softTouch plasticisation, inkwell UV, selective and shimmed UV, screen printing, glitters, warm prints, dry embossing and de-bossing. Each project has its own unique history.

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Progettazione scatole


...state of the art. A manufacturing area featuring state of the art machineryfor manufacturing covered boxes available for our customers. Our strength lies in the perfect combination of state of the art technology and our vast experience in the industry. We know the history of packaging, we have followed the evolution of the covered hard boxes step by step. Would you like to see the future in advance?

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Marber Box Factory

About us

We specialise in manufacturing only one type of boxes. The beautiful ones.

Latest news

Marber Emily Tray: the first cardboard food tray for hotels

Emily Tray by Marber is a rigid tray made of cardboard - extremely resistant -, with dividers and compartments, and a lid that can be customized with any graphic prints, specifically designed to contain and transport food in total safety.

April 2020 - We are here for you. Marber box factory is open.

We inform our customers that in April 2020 the Marber box factory will remain open (albeit not with all departments).

Baybox - An elegantly shaped box with a minimalist touch and innovative structure

In Marber we created Baybox: a box with an elegant and minimal shape and an innovative structure, with magnetic closure. Because a box is not made only of paper, cardboard and glue.

New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

January 24 2019: New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

15 May 2018: Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

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