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Marber manufactures covered boxes.

Marber: where your ideal packaging takes form.

We are a box factory with headquarters in Brescia, in the main Italian manufacturing quadrilateral - Turin, Milan, Verona, Bologna - specialised in manufacturing covered hard boxes. 

In the 5000 square meters of our factory in Verolanuova (BS), we manufacture paper and cardboard packagings, containers and recipients as well as cases and paper technology productsin any form and size.

This type of boxes is ideal for any type of product including toys, books, DVDs, cosmetics, wine bottles, footwear, shirts, leather goods, sweets, eyewear, diaries, labels etc. Would you like to design a different cardboard packaging for your product? We are ready and equipped to create a customised one for you.

Our offer also includes paper technology cases and articles with multicolour printing both offset and flexographic.

We boast of digital state of the art production lines, an advanced process control and corporate governance system as well as a creative department constantly committed to research and development of original products. These driving forces behind our success for over 50 yearshave put us in a position to constantly meet ever-new market demands on covered boxes.

Marber - Interior of the company
Marber - Company entrance
Marber - Interior of the company

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A productive department ready to take on any challenge

Conscious that our customers invest in quality, at Marber we specialise in the production of luxury packaging
. We rose to the challenge as we strove to meet their demands.
We did this by investing in state of the art covered boxes manufacturing machines .
Aiming for the top of the rangeof cardboard packaging ? We have the right solution for you.

EMMECI Digital 2018 Lines box manufacturing machine

EMMECI Digital 2018 Lines

The state of the art machines in this industry, featuring an automatic digital line for manufacturing small boxes.

Products made using these machines may have a minimum dimension of 38 x 28 x 12 (millimetres) and maximum dimension of 310 x 260 x 180 (millimetres), hence offering great flexibility and wide customisation range.

EMMECI Digital 2016 Lines box manufacturing machine

EMMECI Digital 2016 Lines

It allows to manufacture boxes with minimum dimensions of 55 x 32 x 12 (millimetres) and maximum dimensions of 600 x 400 x 210 (millimetres). MC2016 DIGITAL is an automatic digital production line for manufacturing paper-wrapped boxes.

It is revolutionary in terms of "technological innovation". This thanks to the automatic quick start and the vision system (which provides for the use of cameras) for a better precision of alignment between paper and cardboard

Game boxes

EMMECI Elettronica 2004 Lines

It was the first machine to combine mechanical and electronic elements. The height of the boxes subject of manufacture can be between 12 and 210 mm, working with paper and cardboard of different thicknesses.

Designed for packaging products suitable for Food, Electronics, Personal Care, Pharma & Healthcare, Luxury Goods industries.

Boxes with Heidelberg Offset printing

Offset printing

Heidelberg CD 700 x 1000. 5 Colours + Spreader

Boxes with Heidelberg Offset printing

Flat Die-Cutting

Bobst SP142 1000 x 1400

Boxes with Heidelberg Offset printing

Paper/Cardboard Coupler

750 x 1170. Grammage: 80 ÷ 550 gr/m2

Boxes with Heidelberg Offset printing

Quality raw material

Single-layer cardboard
High-thickness coupled cardboard
Paper-lined cardboard
Paper-coupled Cardboard (coupling)
Grammage: 500 ÷ 2000 gr/m2
thickness: 0.8 mm ÷ 4 mm

Boxes with Heidelberg Offset printing

Post-print treatments on paper

Gloss/matt/anti-scratch matt /softTouch plasticisation, inkwell UV, selective

and shimmed UV
Screen printing,
Warm prints
dry Embossing and De-bossing

Personnel for packing products in boxes by hand

Our true "game changer"? People

Whereas it is true that technology matters a lot, it is also true that skilled, qualified and constantly trained personnel, capable of meeting any demand from a unique market like the packaging market requirements matters significantly too.

This including designing, analysing materials, choosing the right paper and cardboard for various combinations, evaluating grammage and thickness...

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Marber: much more than boxes.

Packaging of the future

The future of packaging? Surely not plastic.

Will this will relaunch cardboard casings?

Probably yes. It is now strong, eco-friendly and technological.

Environmental needs are pushing the ban on plasticand the most obvious solution for packaging products is to return to the philosophy of the origins: making a product that is beautiful, solid and durable over time.

This is what we have always done at Marber. And that is what we will continue to do.

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Marber Box Factory

About us

We specialise in manufacturing only one type of boxes. The beautiful ones.

Latest news

Marber Emily Tray: the first cardboard food tray for hotels

Emily Tray by Marber is a rigid tray made of cardboard - extremely resistant -, with dividers and compartments, and a lid that can be customized with any graphic prints, specifically designed to contain and transport food in total safety.

April 2020 - We are here for you. Marber box factory is open.

We inform our customers that in April 2020 the Marber box factory will remain open (albeit not with all departments).

Baybox - An elegantly shaped box with a minimalist touch and innovative structure

In Marber we created Baybox: a box with an elegant and minimal shape and an innovative structure, with magnetic closure. Because a box is not made only of paper, cardboard and glue.

New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

January 24 2019: New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

15 May 2018: Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

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