Making a nice board game requires, above all, a nice box.

We - at Marber - manufacture board game boxes

Whether it is the box, console, panel, cards, plastic accessories, filling and packaging, we help you to give shape to the tabletop game you have in mind.

“We build games and some of them change the world”
— Nassim Nicholas Taleb

There are games that can be recognised from the box.

Can you imagine a deck of cards without its case? Or Monopoly without its box, the one that entire generations grew up with?

Manufacturing board games

Manufacturing board games

Together we put creativity into play.

Marber Labs tries your games and helps give shape to your ideas.

A game must last a lifetime and same applies to its box too

The favourite game is also the most exploited and mistreated one.

That is why its box must be capable of withstanding even whole days of intense play.

Manufacturer of board games

Manufacturing board game boxes

Quality graphics

The choice of a game comes from its ability to thrill at first sight and get chosen by many. Conscious that the graphics of a product are crucial, we provide the professionalism required to create top-quality customised prints, which will make your games particularly thrilling.

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Marber Box Factory

About us

We specialise in manufacturing only one type of boxes. The beautiful ones.

Latest news

Marber Emily Tray: the first cardboard food tray for hotels

Emily Tray by Marber is a rigid tray made of cardboard - extremely resistant -, with dividers and compartments, and a lid that can be customized with any graphic prints, specifically designed to contain and transport food in total safety.

April 2020 - We are here for you. Marber box factory is open.

We inform our customers that in April 2020 the Marber box factory will remain open (albeit not with all departments).

Baybox - An elegantly shaped box with a minimalist touch and innovative structure

In Marber we created Baybox: a box with an elegant and minimal shape and an innovative structure, with magnetic closure. Because a box is not made only of paper, cardboard and glue.

New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

January 24 2019: New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

15 May 2018: Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

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