Marber manufacturing process
is divided according to forms and sectors of application.

Manufacturing boxes for private label packaging boxes

There are various ways to classify boxes. Depending on length, width and height (but they may be differently dimensioned), associated with specific technical features (as shown on this page). Or depending on the products they are designed to hold.

Manufacturing cross boxes

Cross boxes

The cross box usually consists of two elements, bottom and lid, where the lid can also cover the box completely.

Manufacturing T cases

T Cases

The T case is the classic container for books, a dictionaries, CDs, blu-ray discs. Structured without lid, it allows to view the contents therein.

Manufacturing single-piece boxes

Single-piece boxes (monocuvette)

Single-piece boxes are a practical solution that allows to make the lid an integral part of the box.

Manufacturing creative and composite boxes

"Creative boxes"

The fruit of MarberLabs research and development, creative boxes are innovative covered boxes designed for specific market segments. These boxes can be custom-made.

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Unlimited packaging

There is a suitable box for each product.
And our job is to recommend the best.

Manufacturing board games

Board games

Making a nice board game requires, above all... a nice box. Learn how we - at Marber - address the needs of board games manufacturers - even some of the most renowned worldwide!

Manufacturing chocolate boxes

Chocolate boxes

To enjoy a sweet, it must please the eye first: the casing is the first ingredient! All our chocolate boxes enhance the quality of the product through the elegance of the graphics and the prestige of the papers.

Manufacturing jewellery cases and boxes

Jewellery boxes and cases

A valuable object deserves a valuable case. When you give a jewel, the most exciting moment is the delivery of the package, which must reflect the preciousness of the content.

Fine wine boxes

Wine boxes

We make boxes that can be as exciting as enjoying good wine. A stylish cardboard case is lighter, more portable and easier to reuse as compared to the wooden box. And it is eco-friendly.

Manufacturing audio visual boxes

Audio-visual boxes

From creativity to artwork, we can turn ideas into reality, developing them to make every movie or music album memorable and unmistakable.

Footwear boxes

Footwear boxes

We choose the best papers just like you choose the best leather for your shoes. In over 50 years in the market, we have protected 450,000,000 pairs of shoes. Yours too.

Marber manufacturing cosmetics and perfume boxes

Cosmetics and perfume boxes

The visual impact of the packaging is one of the key buying motivation factors. From minimalist to baroque packaging: there is a perfect packaging for each product.

Manufacturing eyewear boxes

Eyewear boxes

Glasses are often a glamourous accessory, designed to confer character to an outfit. Show-casing them in a compelling package can make a difference. Beauty matters too.

Manufacturing leather goods boxes

Leather goods boxes

Boxes for bags, wallets, purses, belts, shirts... Tailored to perfection, our packages are finished in detail, for the maximum enhancement of the product.

Manufacturing publishing products boxes

Publishing products boxes

Can a book be transformed into a furnishing accessory? From dictionaries to book series, we manufacture boxes capable of holding and storing your books over time.

Custom-made covered hard cardboard boxes

Boxes for... everything else!

"If you can make it, you can put it in a box." We make customised boxes: papers and cardboards, refined finishes, hot prints, embossing, glossy and matt plasticisation, UV treatments.

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Creativity comes with the box

Nowadays, boxes lined with simple packaging, container and storage medium are one the most important communication tools, capable of stirring emotions in the potential customer and influencing their propensity to buy.

The creative aspect has therefore acquired more and more importance: games of shapes and colours applied to original solutions characterise the product, making it unique, unmistakable and immediately recognisable.

The choice of papers and cardboards, the refined finishes, the hot prints, the embossing, the shiny and matt plasticisation, the UV treatments... all these factors contribute towards making the packages functional to the products they are designed to contain.

Four different structures with four different functions, all customisable in terms of choice of materials, finishes and graphics.

Marber is also about paper technology.

We manufacture paper technology products such as cases and boxes that can be folded or collapsed, offset or flexo printed, products that match the covered boxes, with the aim of offering an impeccable package for each product.

We are the ideal partner for designing and manufacturing any kind of box.

Designing and manufacturing of original cardboard boxes
Designing and manufacturing of original cardboard boxes
Designing and manufacturing of original cardboard boxes

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How do I make a box?

Design, materials, tools... here are the manufacturing steps and the distinctive features of a quality box.

Covered boxes

Why are they called "covered hard boxes"?

Covered (or "coated") hard boxes are made by permanently gluing (hence "covering") the entire outer surface of a hard cardboard with a sheet of paper.

Cardboard for manufacturing a box


The cardboard used can be: single-layer, high-thickness coupled cardboard, lined with paper, cardboard coupled with paper (coupling process), with grammage ranging from 500 to 2000 gr/m2 and thicknesses ranging from 0.8 mm to 4 mm.

Paper for covering a box


The paper used for the covering can be: uncoated, one-side-coated, embossed/special, low thickness pure cellulose cards, with grammage ranging from 80 to 250 gr/m2

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Marber Box Factory

About us

We specialise in manufacturing only one type of boxes. The beautiful ones.

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Marber Emily Tray: the first cardboard food tray for hotels

Emily Tray by Marber is a rigid tray made of cardboard - extremely resistant -, with dividers and compartments, and a lid that can be customized with any graphic prints, specifically designed to contain and transport food in total safety.

April 2020 - We are here for you. Marber box factory is open.

We inform our customers that in April 2020 the Marber box factory will remain open (albeit not with all departments).

Baybox - An elegantly shaped box with a minimalist touch and innovative structure

In Marber we created Baybox: a box with an elegant and minimal shape and an innovative structure, with magnetic closure. Because a box is not made only of paper, cardboard and glue.

New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

January 24 2019: New generation "DIGITAL 2018" line installed for production of coated boxes

Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

15 May 2018: Marber will be attending Packaging Premiere 2018

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